Tuesday, November 13, 2012

So what's new?!

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So What's New?!

As you can see I have been away for quit some time. I know that our lives have drastically changed so I thought I'd share with you what's been going on! 

My status went from stay at home mom to full time K3 teacher!! Yes that's right.. And it literally happened overnight! My husband and I started talking about me going back to work and less than a week later I was blessed with a job at my children's school! In fact my youngest son's classroom in right next to my classroom! I love it!! The job allows me to work while my children are at school I am close to them and they even get to come stay with me after they are done with school, start their homework in my classroom while my day winds down! And it helps to have my daughter who is a mini me help out with my students when she's done with her homework! I'm home when my kiddos are home, Mon- Fri and all holidays off.. I have been truly blessed! 

I have 9 very different students! I have my awesome days, as well as my tough days but they are so special! I love to see how they grow and learn. Everyday has been a learning experience for me! 

So other than teaching, my husband and I have begun to serve as leaders in a youth/ young adult discipleship program called Full Armor... It's a group of youth that want to seek Christ on a deeper level and are dedicating themselves to this program for 9 months. We started in September... We have a group of 13 ranging from the ages of 11 to 25!! We meet 3 to 4 times a week. It an intense group that are learning to pursue God getting to know Him in order to present Him without compromise!! It has been awesome being there watching these life's transformed.. And let me tell these people do not have easy lives!!! I thought I went through stuff at their age but wow!!! These are not all kids who are attending because their parents are there or they are forced to.. Most of these young people are the only ones in their family who even know God! They don't care if they have to walk there.. Catch a ride... Or if they are working jobs, going to school, or being faced with many issues. They made a covenant agreement to be there and they have been. They want more of God and they are willing to make the sacrifice to be there... It's awesome to have the privilege of being used by God for this purpose. 

So with work and Full Armor, my schedule is pretty packed. So learning time management especially with my own husband and children has been a priority. I'm still working on improving it. So bare with me... I have so much I have learned and experienced that I need to share with you. But I did want to explain why I have been MIA...  But tonight, I had to just stop myself from thinking about writing something and I had to just do it. So here it is.. 

I know my life has not been the only one with change... In fact it would be nice to hear some other stories about all the change taking place in your life. Maybe we should open it up to share some time management tips!!  If you have any good ones please share!
Have an blessed day!!!