Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy New Year!!

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I had a wonderful time over our christmas break! Had a chance to visit our family and a few friends in Ohio for a week. It snowed almost the entire time were there and the kids got their fill of snow until next time! However as soon as we where back in the sunshine state I got sick, thankfully I am better now. My wonderful husband and I also celebrated our 10 year anniversary on the 28th of December! So needless to say I have had some time to do a lot of thinking about my goals for this new year. So I thought I would share some to help keep me accountable lol!
1. EAT HEALTHIER!!! We still have good habits, but we want to take to it to the next level.. In the past we have
Quit drinking soda and juice (although we have been slacking and drinking ice tea, which has always been a weakness for me). So milk and water it has been for our family for almost 2 or 3 years now.. No complains from the kids.. They like to splurge with chocolate milk once in a while! And my daughter does like sprite when the opportunity arises at a party or restaurant. And it has worked wonders for our grocery budget too! A Brita is a great investment!! Oh and we do treat ourselves to orange juice occasionally.
We even order water when we go out to eat 90% of the time.. Not to mentions it helps the budget!!
Never fry foods.. It helps I never really learned how to!
Reduced our eating of red meats to once in a while.. Which has been hard to do because that really only leaves us with chicken since we are not really seafood of fish eaters... So the solution we are branching out and are willing to try some fish! (If you know any good recipes please let me know I'm desperate!)

So less eating out and more cooking for me it is this year. Which leads me to my next goal...
BETTER TIME MANAGEMENT!! As a full time teacher, wife and mom, not to mention ministry and Institue classes and projects.. This one is high on my list! Which ties in with my first goal.. Better health = more energy!!

My next goal is to photograph a wedding this year... I should be doing one this June, we just need to confirm a date seeing as how it is in a different state.

Next... Blog more!!!

Well these are just 4 of my goals...
It's only January and already we have a lot planned for 2013! So I have some work to do! So if you have any good tips or pointers feel free to share them please! And if you would like to share your goals I invite you too!! We can keep each other accountable!!

Have a wonderful day God bless you!