Thursday, January 23, 2014

Perfectly imperfect!

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Hello 2014!

Yes it has been over a year! However I have new and exciting news! I have chosen to blog again.. and to do it regardless of what I have going on in my life! 
2013 was defiantly a year of change.. I believe I was very unprepared for it as well. But now in 2014.. I have rebounded to more of a "bring it on" attitude!! 

I am still working as a preschool teacher
My kiddos are now 13, 9, and 7!! 
My husband and I are both now full time students.. 

And I am this years 2014 "Walk for Life" Coordinator! Which I am blessed to have such an awesome team for, because with my work and school schedule.. They are there to pick up the slack and they are working hard!!! But more on that later!! 

I have kept myself from blogging partially because I was afraid that only blogging a moment here and there was not enough.. How ironic seeing as the other option was not blogging at all! Either way I'm back and excited to share with you some amazing things! Later tonight I will post about this years Walk For Life in Orlando FL, and tell you more about the nonprofit organization it is supporting! 

So I'll be back later tonight! 

P.S. The picture of my family getting ready for pictures... pretty much sums up my family! 
My hubby Rich making sure we are all squared away
Zia mostly in his own 13 year old world..
Alyssa observing and planning, and
Landon being goofy!! 
I'm so blessed! 

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